Concrete Pool Deck For Your Raleigh Home

Acrylic coating pool deck

Acrylic concrete pool deck coating

If you have a goal of creating a backyard space at your Raleigh home where family and friends love to gather, a decorative concrete pool deck is the perfect place to start. Although everyone loves swimming and lounging by the pool, you notice the decking has zero personality. In fact, it looks outdated and bland. Fortunately, you can select from many different solutions to transform the decking.

Acrylic coating rank at the top of the list for decorative concrete pool decks. Although it is popular in Raleigh, you never have to worry about having a backyard that looks like anyone else’s because of the broad range of color, texture, pattern, and embellishment options. Customization is just one of the many benefits of choosing an acrylic concrete coating.

Some of the other reasons for going with Acrylic are that this solution creates a slip-resistant surface and remains cool to the touch. Because of that, there is substantially less risk of someone falling and sustaining an injury or burning the soles of their feet while walking around the pool area. Especially for small children, this is essential.

Stamped concrete deck

Stamped concrete deck

Stamped concrete is another one of the best decorative concrete pool deck options for your Raleigh home. Using a product like SunStamp, you can turn a lifeless gray surface into a masterpiece. Along with standard mats that create designs that look like other materials, including stone, brick, wood, flagstone, and slate, the installer can customize a mat based on whatever design effect you prefer.

A spray-on acrylic coating known as Classic Texture is also one of the top options for decorative concrete pool decks. Using a product like Classic Texture at your Raleigh home will exceed your wildest expectations. As with the other possibilities, you can choose from an assortment of colors and design enhancements. Because these coatings transform the decking in just one day, you can start planning a party for next weekend.