Interior concrete floors have taken on a whole new life with the increased popularity of Decorative Concrete.  As consumers become more aware of the downfalls and disadvantages of carpeting and other floor covering materials, concrete floors have become the choice of those looking for a durable, low maintenance, Eco-Friendly choice for flooring.

Concrete floors can provide slip resistance, stain resistance, customized solutions for both residential and  commercial flooring.

With Sundek’s 40 plus years of experience in the concrete coating industry we manufacture concrete coatings that last and offer the service to maintain them. We are also supported by a team of trained and experienced applicators across the nation and beyond.  Here are some ways you can use Sundek in your home or business.

Residential Floors:

Living rooms & basements done with Sundek products might include SunSain stained concrete applications providing a rustic mottled look or  stamped Concrete finishes that can be designed to look like tile, stone or even wood.



Commercial Floors:

Architects & property owners around the world have specified & used the SUNDEK systems & network of dealers to insure they get high performance floor coatings. From neighborhood churches to business lobbies and distribution warehouses to restaurant kitchen floors…we have the system for you. Durability, maintenance friendly coatings that also can provide just the right amount of appeal for the situation. Our concrete coatings might include a hand crafted custom overlay like the Tuscan Finish, or perhaps you might want to kick it up a notch with a Sunstone finish The limestone coating that looks and feels like real stone.  Stained concrete and epoxy floors give you the spectrum of color and function options for your high-traffic, high-visibility projects.

Industrial Floors:

Industrial floors take a beating from both vehicular traffic, heavy machinery and chemicals. They are in need of epoxy or polyaspartic resinous floor coatings that can stand up to everything from jet fuel to hot tire pick-up.

SUNDEK’s SunEpoxy & SunOne systems can stand up to any and every situation such as:

  • Service Bays
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Distribution Centers

Restaurant & Retail Floors:

For high traffic floors like those found in the retail and restaurant industry, you want to have a floor that will last.  A sundek floor coating will not only stand the test of time but with minimal maintenance can look great for years.  Restaurant floors will need to be spill proof, easy to clean and provide a slip resistant surface.  While retail store floors will need to provide a unique and custom look to create the desired mood.  Sundek has the complete line of systems for your needs.



Garage Floors:

Sundek offers a complete line of Epoxy and Polyaspartic coatings that are ideal for Garage floors.  These coatings not only provide a safe slip resistant coating but provide chemical resistance and easy cleanup.



Vertical Applications:

SUNDEK decorative concrete artisans have been beautifying the concrete the world stands on since 1970. Now we are using advanced technology to transform vertical surfaces that  stand before you into your own personal work of art. So when you call on your local SUNDEK dealer to revitalize that pool deck, patio, driveway,   living room, lobby or garage floor…Take a good look around at interior and exterior vertical surfaces and soon enough your walls could be doing the talking.
Living Room WallsSUNDEK concrete coatings are  ideal for:

  • Game Room Walls
  • Dining room Walls
  • Residential & Commercial Buildings
  • Wainscoting

SUNDEK vertical applications transform existing concrete, brick, stucco, drywall & painted surfaces into art with no frames or limits! From, hand-carved stone to Chicago -style brick to Picasso like murals… the only limit is your imagination.

All SUNDEK systems  go vertical if you let them…